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Hardside Luggage VS Soft Luggage for International Travel
Issue Time:2016-11-08

Hardside Luggage VS Soft Luggage for International Travel

Hardside Luggage


• Water resistant. No smells. 
• Easy to maneuver since most of hardside luggage come with four wheels.
• Easy to find at baggage claim as they come in more colours. 


• Its firm edges make it harder to fit in small spaces. 
• Not as flexible; difficult to pack more. Not ideal for shopping.
• Less accessible due to lack of pockets.

Soft Luggage


• More durable.
• More flexibility; can fit in small spaces.
• More items can be put into a softside luggage due to its flexibility, making it ideal for shopping.
• More accessible due to its multiple pockets.


• Not water resistant; causes smells. 
• Not as easy to maneuver as a hardside luggage; most softside luggage come with two wheels.
• Limited options for suitcase colours.

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