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Quality Inspection of Luggage Bags
Issue Time:2017-02-07

Wheels test

Wheels are tested over a distance of 25km, loaded and on an uneven abrasive surface.

Wheels inspection

Test wheels by rolling several kilometers to make sure they are endurable.

Drop test

Drop down 16 times under the condition of fully loaded.

Roller / fall down inspection

Drop down four wheels, back switch, case body from a high place to make sure they are hard enough.

Handles test

Handles are tested under a load 10,000 times.

Telescoping trolley handle / carry handle inspection

Pull and bend telescoping trolley handle and carry handle to make sure the functions are workable.

Lock test

Lock operated 5,000 times.

Luggage Lock inspection

Lock up and unlock the lock repeatedly to make sure they are endurable.

Temperature inspection

Put luggage under different temperature condition to make sure the cold-resistant and heat-resistant of luggage is endurable.

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